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Custom Business Email Addresses

Custom Business Email Addresses

Helix Telecom

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Do you need a custom, professional email address for you or your staff without spending much money? Do you need free hosting for your existing website? Helix Telecom is offering customers the opportunity to obtain professional email addresses on a shared mail server including Webmail, secure POP3 access, spam tagging, auto-responder and 25GB of shared mail storage.   Sign up now and get email addresses for your entire staff for as little as 20¢/mo per address!   

If you are an existing customer and would like to setup a free business email address or you would prefer to select a custom domain for your company then call the Helix Telecom Sales Department at (855) 219-2700 for assistance.

*Reasonable use limitations may apply. 25GB limit is a soft-cap. Customers exceeding this cap will be notified and asked to download/archive their email messages. Bulk address pricing must share same domain name.  Domain registration extra.  Reasonable number of Alias Addresses are free when paired with a paid Email Address.  Forwarding Addresses billed at half rate of paid Email Address.  Contact the Sales Department for explanation of the difference between Email, Alias and Forwarding Addresses.  Helix Telecom email service is considered "unlimited" but sending unsolicited or bulk mail may be terminated without notice. Helix Telecom staff will make a reasonable effort to help customers configure their mail clients but reserves the right to refer customers to third party paid technical support services where necessary to resolve configuration or connectivity issues. Offer limited to Helix Telecom telecommunications customers only.