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State Based Caller ID Routing - $99/Month*

State Based Caller ID Routing - $99/Month*

Helix Telecom

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Helix Telecom offers customers a unique product called State Based Caller ID Routing.   This service allows customers to call any phone number in the continental United States and display a matching phone number from the same state** as the outbound Caller ID number.  Customers who dial a New Jersey phone number would be automatically assigned a New Jersey Caller ID phone number, calling Florida would display a Florida Caller ID phone number, etc.. etc.. 

* Non-Refundable $50 Setup Fee.  

** Package pricing does not guarantee specific area code number for individual states.  Package covers continental 48 states only.  For example..  If dialing a Dallas, TX. phone number then a Houston, TX. phone number may be displayed.   Additional area codes must be purchased for the standard Local Phone Number pricing.  Customer may replace phone numbers at any time with a labor charge equal to one month of service for a Local Phone Number.   Please see Area Code Based Caller ID Routing Service for area code based routing.  

Helix Telecom Terms of Service strictly enforced when using the State Based Caller ID Routing service.  Customers who attempt to use this service to circumvent state or federal telemarketing or debt collection laws may be terminated without notice.