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Single Port Fax Adapter for traditional fax machines


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Helix Telecom free eFax service does not require a fax adapter.   The Single Port Fax Adapter for traditional fax machines is available for customers who would like to send and receive faxes using a traditional, analog fax machine without the complexity of scanning and sending PDF documents using email or web portal.

Simple Solution For Your Business Needs!

Need a fax line for your fax machine? This is a solution for you. Just plug this adapter into your network and go!

As more and more IT Managers are faced with in-house fax servers coming to the end of their life expectancy, or incredible telco costs associated with loop and long distance charges, they are exploring various alternatives. One of the alternatives is VoIP, but with the current technology available there are still issues with protocols being used such as G.711 or T.38, the infrastructure, and manpower required to try to make these options work. So how do you as a IT Manager mitigate the capital expenditure for an in-house infrastructure, and relieve the capital costs of maintenance staff and technical manpower? The obvious answer is to outsource your fax capabilities to a cloud-based service.

Our cloud-based service network is a proven IP-based fax network that has transmitted millions of faxes successfully by insuring that all fax calls terminate using HTTPS combined with TDM technology a marriage of two extremely reliable forms of delivery. A secure and reliable fax solution for VoIP, call us to discuss how this service can work for you.

Requires an extension for each adapter ordered.   See Calling Plans section.  

Payment constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions below. Payment constitutes download, review and acceptance of the Helix Telecom Terms of Service found at Equipment is for use by commercial customers only in conjunction with Helix Telecom service only.

Images are for illustration only.   All adapters conform to the same form factor but may vary in size, labeling or coloring.