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Phone Support - Pay Per Minute

Phone Support - Pay Per Minute

Helix Telecom Store

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Do you require same day, priority phone support?  Do you have questions beyond the scope of support included with your calling package?  Just purchase support time and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you.
  • Phone support is strictly limited to activation and account changes for Helix Telecom equipment and service only.  
  • Network support is strictly limited too troubleshooting basic connection issues with Netgear WNRXXXX or Cisco RV-[1-3]XX routers, unmanaged switches and Helix Telecom issued equipment.  
  • Payment does not constitute guarantee of any specific resolution.
  • Payment does not cover follow-up visits. 
  • Payment does not constitute acceptance of liability beyond the limitations described in the Helix Telecom Terms of Service at  
  • Payment does not include any parts, materials or equipment unless documented.
  • No refunds. Payment constitutes personal creditor guarantee. This clause states a customers who reverses payment will be subject to collection fees, account termination and a negative entry on the personal credit report for the person listed on this invoice. IF THE PERSON SHOWN ON THIS ORDER IS NOT THE ACCOUNT HOLDER OR THE PERSON SHOWN ON THIS ORDER DOES NOT WISH TO ASSUME THIS RESPONSIBILITY THEN DO NOT COMPLETE PAYMENT. In some municipalities it is a criminal offense to obtain services and reverse payment. In those cases we may release your personal and company information to law enforcement or third parties for the purposes of prosecution under the law. You agree Helix Telecom may obtain a personal credit report before dispatching a technician.
  • Payment will require submission of government identification and proof of payment.