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OwnCloud Hosting - $5 Activation , $1/Mo

OwnCloud Hosting - $5 Activation , $1/Mo

Helix Telecom

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Are you tired of depending on network drives and email to share company documents?  Dropbox charges $10/mo per employee.  Google Drive only charges $4/mo per employee but does not allow you to share that storage with other employees.   These per-employee costs can hurt a small business where every dollar counts. 

Even if you are paying for a business file sharing application.. Are these applications flexible enough for your business?  What if you want to share a calendar with your secretary?  Contacts with your staff?   Most businesses need to share more than just files.   Most businesses need to share information.

Helix Telecom offers free ownCloud hosting for our small business customers. 

  • Start with 20GB of free storage. 
  • Private file sharing between staff members or public sharing via a clickable link.
  • Share individual files or entire directory structures.
  • Allow third parties to upload files directly too your ownCloud server.  
  • Share tasks, calendars, contacts, notes, bookmarks, passwords, Internal Wiki and more between staff members.
  • Install third party applications to share news, photos, music and videos. 
  • Mobile and Desktop synchronization applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android and Blackberry devices.

Contact our Sales Department at (855) 219-2700 today for setup information.

Offer limited to Helix Telecom telecommunications customers only.  $5 Hosting Activation Fee required. Monthly charges are for hosting maintenance labor charges only.  Pricing shown is total "per month". ownCloud is intended for sharing of commercial data among internal employees for business use only.   Customers found to be using a substantial portion of the free Helix Telecom's ownCloud services for personal use may lead to a complete loss of all data stored in ownCloud and the ownCloud instance removed.  Activation fee waived on initial installation.  ownCloud instances may be deleted if unused for more than 30 days or customer account is delinquent.   Activation fee may be charged on subsequent installations.   20GB limit is a "soft-cap".  Customers exceeding the 20GB limit may be asked to purchase additional storage.  Helix Telecom reserves the right monitor customer content for compliance with our Terms of Service.  In cases of violation Helix Telecom reserves the right to access, inspect, view and remove customer content without notice, warning or liability.   Helix Telecom does not fully manage the ownCloud instances or provide any technical support for ownCloud software.