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Free Outbound eFax

Free Outbound eFax

Helix Telecom

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Do you just need an easy way to send a fax from your desktop computer or smartphone?  Are you tired of filling out complex cover sheets?  We have a solution for you!  Helix Telecom's free outbound fax service is included free for all customers.  Just address your fax, type out your cover sheet, enter your Helix Telecom phone number and click SEND!   Simple and easy solution for you and your staff.  Just sign up today!

Our attorney makes us say this..

* Requires active Helix Telecom account with a minimum of 1 device and 1 phone number.  Requires an email account.   Outbound faxes must be in PDF format.  Reasonable usage limitations apply.  

This item appears in the Helix Telecom online catalog for advertising purposes only. If you are an existing customer then please contact Helix Telecom Support to enable this feature on your account.  If you are a new customer interested in signing up for service then please contact the Helix Telecom Sales Department at (855) 219-2700 for assistance.