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Terms & Conditions

Helix Telecom Terms & Conditions


Helix Telecom provides subsidized equipment and low cost telecommunication services necessary to help small businesses start and grow without spending much money.  For this reason customers should understand Helix Telecom equipment cannot be used with any other telecommunications provider or services.   

Terms of Service

Payment constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions below. Payment constitutes download, review and acceptance of the Helix Telecom Terms of Service found at Equipment is for use by commercial customers only in conjunction with Helix Telecom service only.

Sale Rates

Standard rates are found at Introductory rates quoted apply until any portion of service is terminated or an account is past due.  

Wholesale Support Limitation

Helix Telecom is a wholesale equipment and service provider. Helix Telecom liability insurance strictly prohibits Helix Telecom staff and contractors from providing specific direction to vendors and customers on how to install, maintain or repair Helix Telecom equipment. All equipment requires a properly configured, dedicated DSL connection with a minimum upload speed of 768Kbps, cablemodem or T1 connection and properly built internal network. All equipment requires some basic understand of network design. Customers agree Helix Telecom equipment will not be used with SonicWALL, Apple, Linksys, Belkin or Edimax routers, IDS systems, "VPN Router", Layer 2 or Layer 3 switches, provider modems except in bridge mode or any network equipment supporting speeds above 100Mbit/second (aka "gigabit") except where all cabling is category 6 or above and properly terminated by a network professional. Helix Telecom phone support limited to initial 30 days of service . Customers who require assistance or account changes must submit all requests via email to or online at Request from unauthorized users, incomplete requests, requests for phone support or requests for troubleshooting issues determined to be internal to the customer network will not receive a response. .


You are responsible for completing the Helix Telecom Activation Questionaire at within 24 hours of payment. All equipment will be shipped as soon as possible but Helix Telecom does not guarantee a specific ship date or delivery date unless specified in this paragraph. All residential deliveries will be marked HOLD FOR PICKUP at a local facility. Payment of this invoice constitutes acceptance of equipment in good condition and waiver of loss or damages unless you specifically request Hold For Pickup at your local facility in the notes section during checkout.

Return Policy

Restocking fee of 50% charged on like-new, opened equipment within 15 days. All unopened equipment may be returned for a full refund within 30 days unless otherwise specified above. No refunds on shipping charges, damaged equipment or service. Return authorization required. You are responsible for return shipping charges. Individual line items may supercede the terms and conditions specified in this paragraph.

Used Equipment

If you are dissatisfied with used equipment you may return it for a full refund less shipping and service charges or full credit towards brand new equipment. You are responsible for return shipping charges.

E911 Service

You are responsible for providing a valid E911 address within 24 hours of activating service by submitting a support ticket at

No Oral Agreement

This statement, together with the Helix Telecom Terms of Service ("TOS"), constitutes the final, complete, and exclusive statement of the agreement between you and Helix Telecom Inc. with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes any and all other prior understandings, both written and oral, between you and Helix Telecom Inc.