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I am new to Helix Telecom.  How does this process work?

Setting up a new account is simple.

The first step is to purchase new phones from our online catalog and complete the checkout process.  You are welcome to mix and match different model phones based on your needs.   

If you prefer softphones then simply purchase an extension for each agent or device you would like to make and receive calls.  

Once the checkout process is complete you will receive a link to our online Activation Form.   Just fill out the form including your order number, company name, shipping address, list of individuals who should have access to your new Helix Telecom account and contact information in case we have questions.   

Once your new phones are delivered simply connect them to the internet, connect power and contact the Sales Department to customize your new phone system.  

If you are satisfied with your new phone system and would like to keep your old phone number then contact our Sales Department via the Contact Us link above.   Most United States based numbers are ported to Helix Telecom within 14 days.   This service is free for all customers. 

What is an extensions?

An extension is simply a device or agent making and receiving calls.   Each extension is assigned a unique 4 digit number (with dedicated voicemail box) allowing incoming calls to be routed to a specific softphone or desk phone.   If you have 5 phones then you need 5 extensions.   If you are using a combination of 10 softphones and desk phones then you must have 10 extensions.   These are just example configurations.  

What is a phone number?

A phone number is simply a way for callers to reach you from the Public Switch Telephone Network such as a mobile phone or landline.   You may route incoming calls from a specific phone number to an extension, multiple extensions, Auto Attendant, another phone number, voicemail box or fax.

I found a better price with ABC Corp!  

Helix Telecom is the lowest priced cloud PBX hardware and software supplier in North America.   If you find a better price anywhere then contact the Helix Telecom Sales Department via the Contact Us link above.  Our general policy is to beat any competitor quote or advertised price by 25% or more.     

Customers should remember Helix Telecom is a buyers club.   Our goal is to build a loyal subscriber base who appreciates the value and service Helix Telecom provides to our customers.   Every new subscriber is a benefit to all Helix Telecom customers with increased reliability and lower costs.   The purpose of our price match is not to beat our competitors but to simply remove cost as a factor in the decision process.  

Who should I call if I have questions and need assistance?

Helix Telecom Small Business Sales Department is open from approximately noon to midnight PST Monday through Friday and limited hours on weekends.   The Sales Department may be reached via the Contact Us link above.  

I am currently using another VoIP provider and experiencing call quality issues.  Should I switch to Helix Telecom?

It depends.  Our primary job is to offer solutions.  Sometimes a better solution is to resolve call quality issues with your current provider instead of setting up a whole new phone system with Helix Telecom.  Please contact our Sales Department via the Contact Us link above.   Lets see if we can help! 

My office only contains cabling for traditional phone systems.   Is there an alternative to wiring my office with computer or network cable?

Of course!  Beginning September, 2016 Helix Telecom has stopped recommending wired solutions to customers with less than 20 handsets.   All customers should consider purchasing WiFi enabled phones.  Please click here to see our growing selection of WiFi enabled phones.  

Please contact our Sales Department via the Contact Us link above if you have any questions.  

Does Helix Telecom allow customers to resell products and services?

Of course!   Helix Telecom is known throughout the world by over 100 different brand names.   If you need special hardware pricing please contact our Sales Department via the Contact Us link above.

Is Helix Telecom HIPPA compliant?
Yes.   Customers must request this feature when signing up for service.
Does Helix Telecom offer voice encryption or sRTP?
Yes.   Helix Telecom is one of the very few providers in the United States that offers all customers end-to-end audio encryption at no additional charge.  Customers must request this feature when signing up for service.    

Does Helix Telecom permit the use of customer supplied equipment, third party equipment or soft-phones?

Absolutely!   Our staff will automatically send you a complete list of account credentials upon activation of your account.  Just remember Helix Telecom does not provide any technical support for customer supplied equipment or software.  

We also require a separate extension for each employee utilizing Helix Telecom services.   For example..  If you have three phones used by three employees then you need three extensions.   



Why are Helix Telecom rates so inexpensive when compared to Ring Central, Nextiva and others?

Helix Telecom's primary goal is lower costs for you, our customer, without sacrificing quality. Our larger volumes, low advertising costs and network of resellers offer customers a unique opportunity to experience high quality Voice over IP services and save money.   

What is an "extension"?  

Extensions are simply device IDs used to identify a phone on our network.  The extension is also used to route calls to a specific device or make calls from a specific device.  Each device requires a separate extension.

What is the difference between a phone number and roll-over line?  

Traditional phone companies charge customers "by the line".   Each line usually includes a unique phone number.   If you were charged for four lines by your local phone company and more than four people called your main phone number then callers received a busy signal or voicemail.  

Helix Telecom only charges for the phone numbers and includes roll-over lines for free.   Helix Telecom roll-over lines are virtual and cannot be dialed from a caller's cell phone or home phone.

Does Helix Telecom offer discounts for annual contracts?

Yes.  Customers who prepay for 1 year of service on qualifying products receive a 50% discount.  Discounts do not apply for sale pricing.   Please contact the Helix Telecom Sales Department via the Contact Us link above for a custom quote.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

Of course!   Our Sales Department staff will be happy to setup a temporary phone number for testing your new phone system.  If your satisfied with your new phone system and everything is working properly then complete the Helix Telecom Number Port Form online.  Most phone numbers can are transferred to Helix Telecom within 14 days.   

 Does Helix Telecom offer discounts for charitable organizations and non-profits?

The following charities qualify for free or reduced cost service.

  • Charity dedicated to the immediate care of animals;
  • Charities dedicated to the improved safety and rights of animals;
  • Non-profit charities dedicated specifically to the medical care of children.

If you represent a qualifying charity then please contact the Helix Telecom Sales Department via the Contact Us link above for a custom quote.


Can I configure each phone number to ring different phones or destinations?

Of course!   Each Helix Telecom phone number can be configured to ring a specific phone, a group of phones, a cell phone, a group of cell phones, an Auto Attendant (also called an IVR), voicemail or a combination of these destinations.

Helix Telecom also allows you to label calls based on the phone number dialed.   If you are running multiple businesses from the same location then knowing what number your customers dialed before answering the call is important.

How does free incoming eFax service work?

If eFax service is enabled then incoming calls are screened for a fax tone.   If a fax tone is detected then the call is routed to the fax system.   The fax system receives the fax, converts the fax to PDF and email the fax to as many as 50 email addresses.      

How does free SMS service work?

Incoming SMS messages, sent to qualifying Helix Telecom phone numbers, are routed to as many as 50 email addresses.   Customers may send or respond to text messages using email.  


I am located outside the United States.  Can I sign up for service with Helix Telecom?

Of course!  Customers located outside North America must purchase service with cryptocurrency.   The most common payment of choice is Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum.   Helix Telecom also accepts Litecoin, Dash, ZCash and EOS

Helix Telecom does not require customers to provide identification for cryptocurrency payments such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Does Helix Telecom require a long term commitment?

Helix Telecom is a prepaid, month-to-month service.   Customers may cancel at any time without penalty.   Helix Telecom Terms of Service does contain penalties for customers who are delinquent due to bounced checks or returned items.

Does Helix Telecom offer support in a language other than English?

In an effort to keep costs low we do not provide support services or documentation in any language except English.   

 Does Helix Telecom work in my country?

Helix Telecom does not require customers to declare what country they are operating in but our systems have detected calls originating from the United States (all states), Canada (all provinces), Mexico, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Philippines, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, China, Israel and various other countries and provinces.   



Can I use equipment purchased from a supplier other than Helix Telecom?

You are welcome to use any SIP compatible phone with Helix Telecom service.   Helix Telecom does not provide technical documentation or troubleshooting for third party hardware.  

I am not comfortable installing, troubleshooting or configuring my own equipment.   Can you help?

Of course!   If you need help with installation of Helix Telecom equipment, signing up for service or ongoing technical support then please contact the Sales Department for assistance.   Our Sales Department is happy to help you find a local vendor in your area who can offer assistance with installation or support.  


How long before my equipment arrives?

If you need phones delivered within a specific time frame then please contact the Helix Telecom Sales Department for assistance.   Helix Telecom maintains multiple warehouses and the shipping time depends on stock, availability and location.  

Here are estimated delivery times for Grandstream equipment.


Here are estimated delivery times for Helix Telecom WiFi equipment.



Does Helix Telecom ship to locations outside the United States?

Helix Telecom does not ship to locations outside the United States or to forwarding services capable of forwarding equipment to locations outside the United States.